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Printer Ink Toner Cartridge Refilling Training &Materials
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  • Ink and Toner Cartridge refilling for mostly all printer brands like HP, Canon, Samsung, Brother. etc.
  • Full guaranteed refilling and remanufacturing.
  • Compatible with all type of brand printers and fax machines.
  • Complete Digital Technology.
  • Replacement offer for Defective Cartridges.
  • Free pick and deliver to and from Sharjah, Dubai, Ajman and all the nearest Emirates
  • Delivery to Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and other GCC countries through courier in case of bulk orders
  • We use superior ink for better quality printing
  • Allows maximum recycle runs
  • We do the manufacturing of all parts at a very minimal charges
  • We buy empty used printer ink toner cartridges from end users and business firms
  • Sell empty cartridges to domestic and international recyclers remanufactures.

Refilling Vs Remanufacturing of Toner/Laser printer cartridges

Here are the steps involved in refilling a toner cartridge.

Refill Process also known as Drill-n-Fill

This process takes about 5 minutes. Because the components are not removed and cleaned. By following this process, there is a high chance of old and new toner contamination. Also, because all old components are simply left in the cartridge the final print and overall reliability of the cartridge is questionable. These cartridges typically produce poor print and may leak during their operation


Remanufacturing Process

  • Cartridge is pretested to determine the current state of the cartridge
  • Cartridge is dissembled into a waste bin and a toner hopper areas
  • On the waste bin side the drum is removed and is cleaned and re-used or exchanged for a new drum
  • Wiper blade is removed and is cleaned or re-used for a new blade